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    Tuesday, 19 January 2016
    Sonae Indústria wins the Sonae Companies Sustainability Award

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    Tuesday, 5 January 2016
    Sonae Indústria presents it s Innovus collection at MADERALIA

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    Tuesday, 1 December 2015
    Sonae Indústria has won the Risk Management Award

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    Monday, 15 September 2014
    Sonae Indústria equips luxury hospital in Abu Dhabi
     attached document
    In recognition of their endeavour to increase its international expansion, Sonae Indústria saw its efforts rewarded and is providing, as of December 2013, some of their most important and emblematic materials to the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.. This is a luxurious hospital situated in the capital of the United Arab Emirates that will open its doors at the end of this year to patients from all over the world. The hospital will have a staff of approximately 5500 doctors, englobing 175 medical departments. The Cleveland Clinic is also finalizing a project for the construction of high-quality residences for the many thousands of top professionals in the health area who will be hired to work at this facility. The materials provided by Sonae Indústria for this building project (hospital and housing facilities) include Sonaepan MDF FF (with no added formaldehyde) coated in melamine paper, a solution which has several applications, namely in the interior of the building´s surfaces and in its furniture. Total investment has surpassed half a million Euro. Please find out more about Sonae Indústria’s participation in this project in the attached document.
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    Monday, 20 January 2014
    New INNOVUS website: easier to use and more complete

    Launched in January 2011 in Central Europe, the INNOVUS brand has since expanded to be commercialized in more countries, to include more products such as the INNOVUS Worktops collection, and also to develop new concepts such as the INNOVUS Everyday range of décors in stock at selected distributors. The progress of the brand had to be accompanied by the evolution of its communication tools, namely its dedicated website. Thus, a project was devised to develop the innovus.co website in order to make it more flexible, more visual (showcasing the best of INNOVUS) while still continuing to support our business worldwide! A prerequisite was also to make it automatically adaptable to any device given the rise of mobile access. The new website was launched in mid December 2013 and includes new sections such as a gallery of projects using INNOVUS décors, more information about products, an area dedicated to applications and another one displaying the décors’ different textures. Professionals such as architects or interior designers can also request samples or catalogues directly from the website and also request information. The end result is a website which is easier to use and more complete. We invite you to check it at http://www.innovus.co/.

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    Tuesday, 12 November 2013
    Sonae Indústria was present at the Innovation Forum of the Sonae Companies

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    Monday, 11 November 2013
    The Hospital Clínico San Carlos, in Madrid, has just completed its installation of So Caring antibacterial panels as a coating on the walls and ceilings of the rooms and corridors of the pediatric wing. The Project was conceived by the architect Ana Souza who used vivid colors from the INNOVUS range and a selection of laminated digital patterns of animal drawings and letters, thus creating a luminous, happy and familiar atmosphere. The antibacterial efficiency of the So Caring panels, which was scientifically proven by the german SGS-Intitut Freseniu, the Hohenstein Institute and the laboratory of Biotechnology at the Portuguese Catholic University, will certainly contribute in reducing the risk of bacterial contamination in those spaces and, therefore, provide a greater protection for their small patients. So Caring surfaces are hygienic, very resistant to stains, wear and impact, and very easy to clean. Additionally, it´s antibacterial characteristics do not change with cleaning and maintenance and the decorative potential is ensured by its availability in colors and INNOVUS patterns. All these characteristics make So Caring a recommended solution for coatings/overlaying in public places with a high movement of people such as in hospitals, health centers, schools, hotels, etc. The installation of So Caring at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos was another result of Sonae Indústria´s Social responsibility policy.
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    Friday, 4 October 2013
    New environmental label values forest products

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    Thursday, 8 August 2013
    The Forest, Invaluable source of wealth
    The forest is a source of invaluable richness that contributes to the overall development of society. The creation of economic, social and environmental values is a relevant part of wealth generated by the forest. In Portugal, the forest occupies 35.4% of the Portuguese continental territory1, which is 1/3 of the territory. The eucalyptus, pine and oak represent the largest patches of the national forest. With respect to the creation of environmental value, the forest possesses unique conditions for the preservation of the biodiversity of fauna and flora, contributes to fight climate change, by storing and retaining the carbon generated by photosynthesis of trees and plants, and for the protection of natural resources. Environmental contributions influence the well-being of mankind which reflects on the creators of social and economic values of the forests. A forest which is better managed and sustainable will generate more quality of life for man. In economic terms, the activities related to the management of forest resources and products have a significant and representative part of the Portuguese commercial value. The three major forest ranks, pine, cork and paper, are responsible for 2% of GDP (gross domestic Product) and 9.3% of the national exports. Socially, forest related activities are responsible for more than 100 000 jobs, and constitute an incentive for local people to remain in their regions. The forest is a valuable and urgent asset to preserve.
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    Sunday, 14 July 2013
    Exhibition : "Palet Proyect" with Aserraderos de Cuéllar pallets
    Often used as transportation and storage, the pallet does its job almost unnoticed. Javier Arias Madero, Javier Blanco Martín, Javier Sánchez López, Pedro Sánchez López and Luis Pastor Jiménez are the names of five architects from Valladolid that got interested in its efficiency and proposed another life for this products, that was shown at LAVA till last June 16th. "Away from its general use, we are used to see pallet in two ways: on the Third World andor emergency situations, it can be used as provisional construction, and, in Europe or North America, as a material to experiment sustainable and ecological building", says Javier Arias Madero. This kind of experimentation is most seen in simple buildings like tourist offices, chapels, in countries such as Denmark or Finland. These five architects decided to investigate the possibilities of a "universal, cheap, easily transported and structural" material. "More than a work, it may serve or support to other works, other initiatives that I think are on their way. It has been used as a theater stage", summarizes Arias Madero
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    Friday, 7 June 2013
    Woodforce - the Sonae Indústria’s brand to wood fibre dice technology - branches into North America markets.

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    Thursday, 11 April 2013
    At time like these, we have to REthink and REinvent new ways of making and REusing what can be REused, we decided to base the graphic concept of our consolidated account report on the famous 3 R´s of recycling. In fact, this philosophy of the 3 R´s comes in the wake of messages that we have been passing on in recent years, of wood recycling and the CO2 storage in our products. Through the use of wood or wood based products, we help to reduce the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. As we all know, wood is a unique material. As a naturally renewable resource, it is a carbon store, can be reused and recycled and at the end of its life, can be burned and the energy recovered. As we always say: Nature’s recipe is simple: lock carbon in forests and we can all continue the process by using, reusing and recycling wood based products.
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    Friday, 21 December 2012
    The new face of biocomposites is here!... Woodforce is now in the world wide web with an amazing website

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    Friday, 7 December 2012
    Broaden is hiring

    Do you love big challenges, work hard and learn everyday? Have you finished your degree and are looking for your first job? Are you looking for an international career? We only want the best and we will HIRE the 5 BEST!!! Grab this challenge and show us till 15th of December who you are and why you sending us an email to hr@broadensolutions.com .

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    Thursday, 22 November 2012
    Exhibition at the European Parliament, in Brussels, “Tackle Climate Change – Use Wood: The Woodworking Industries and the multiple lives of wood and wood products” – 3 to 7 December

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    Monday, 29 October 2012
    Broaden Information Solutions launches website

    In June, Sonae Indústria announced to the world the creation of the venture Broaden Information Solutions. Born out of the Sonae Indústria´s Information Systems Department, Broaden Information Solutions has deep knowledge on manufacturing processes. "For over 20 years we’ve developed a model for the wood-based panels industry, in a multi-culture/multi-language environment, designing, developing and implementing worldwide SAP solutions in all businesses of the Sonae Indústria Group, including chemicals, wood processing & panels manufacturing." Find out more by browsing Broaden Information Solutions website.

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    Friday, 26 October 2012
    Sonae Indústria supports forest cleaning action in Serra do Bussaco
    Sonae Indústria is sponsoring a forest cleaning action in the Woods of Serra do Bussaco, which takes place on October 26, with the objective of contributing to the preservation of the ecosystems and biodiversity, A container was supplied by Sonae Indústria which allows the voluntary team, which is responsible for the cleaning of the forest, to collect the wood chips of the invasive mimosa tree and forward it to the Ecociclo Recycling Center in Souselas. The initiative aims to preserve this Relic Forest, one of the last patches of primitive forest in the central region, through the control of invasive species. Sonae Indústria is the main national sponsor for collection of wood waste which is subsequently forwarding to recycling. Forest clearing is one of the prerequisites for the preservation of Woods and forests, because in addition to contributing to the prevention of fires, it optimizes the development and the balance of ecosystems, essential for sustained forest management Recycling of forest residues, which are wood and wood-base products whose life cycle has ended – plays an important role with regard to the more efficient management of natural resources and the "new life" that these residues acquire after recycled.
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    Friday, 14 September 2012
    "Casas em Movimento" (Houses in Movement) with Sonae Indústria materials
    "Casas em Movimento" (Houses in Motion), is a innovative project of sustainable architechture, developed by Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. The prototype housing "Casas em Movimento" represented Portugal at the Solar Decathlon Europe - an international universitary competition that promotes building sustainable houses and architecture based on the use of solar energy in less natural resource use and with the reduced waste in production over of its life cycle and the use of sustainable materials. The portuguese project will be exposed "Villa Solar" at Casa de Campo in Madrid, in a event between 14th and 30th September, where visitors can meet the house and its distinguishing characteristics, in particular their rotation, which is enhanced through a better use of solar energy. The wall cladding is wood, constructed from MDF and OSB produced by Sonae Indústria. Together with the cork, these materials allow the house to provide high capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation, while contributing to the retention of carbon, since the carbon storage timber throughout its life cycle. This asset adds recyclability and reuse of Sonae Indústria panels. The furniture of the house is also made with Sonae Indústria´s MDF panels: pieces that make it clear the versatility of materials Sonae Indústria and the concept of adaptability of "Casas em Movimento."
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    Tuesday, 14 August 2012
    2 in 1 (Social Responsibility in synergy): Sonae Indústria donate materials to "Espaço T" & Sonaecom applies the materials
    In a project embraced by two Social Responsibility programs of two Sonae Companies, Sonae Indústria and Sonaecom shows how we can exploit synergies and create value for the society and the local communities. Sonae Indústria donated boards Tafilam (melamine surface particleboard) to "Espaço T" and Sonaecom, in a social responsible activity developed a team building action to paint and apply the boards to the walls of the gym. "Espaço T" new refurbished gym has now two of our plain colours: yellow and orange, on the walls. This gym will be used by the students of Espaço T, to practice physical activities. This colours can be found at innovus décors website ( www.innovus.co ) references orange L122 & yellow L1145. Espaço T, and "T" stands for "Todos" (means "all" in English), is a open space for ALL human beings.
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    Wednesday, 25 July 2012
    Sonae Indústria launches a new brand in the international market

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    Wednesday, 25 July 2012
    BROADEN Information Solutions: A new brand was born
    This is not a brand of product, but a brand of solutions; it is not a new panel of wood, but a panel consisting of 34 people. In fact, they are 11 women and 23 men, with a desire to win and who know what they are doing. They have unique skills in SAP, with an average of 10 years experience in the industry, 30 SAP implementations in 8 countries (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, U.K, South Africa, Brazil and Canada), 15 years experience in Business Intelligence and 20 years of operations support. BROADEN Information Solutions was launched itself into the market, with all the know-how acquired in the processes of the wood-based industry and in SAP solutions. They have worked for over 20 years in the construction of a model for the wood-based panels industry, in a multi-cultural environment, arriving at the moment where they can capitalize on all the knowledge acquired and the experience gained outside of Sonae Indústria.
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    Thursday, 12 July 2012
    Woodforce: Engineered wood fibre for a new generation of biocomposites
    Woodforce, the engineered diced pellet that delivers exceptional polymer reinforcement to Polyolefin compounds. This new-patented technology offers many advantages including both weight and cost savings with design opportunities unrivalled in the natural fibre sector. Woodforce is neither a by-product nor a residue, it is an industrially engineered wood based product that offers Natural Strength for Plastics. As a dynamic wood-based product capable of acting as a mechanical reinforcer for thermoplastic polymers, Woodforce dramatically improves the targeted properties of plastic resin. It is a bio-sourced and renewable mechanical reinforcer that is compatible with an industrial process, has proven performance and favourable economics previously unavailable before. Woodforce can replace glass fibre for short fibre applications. Compared to agricultural fibres, Woodforce is an ideal solution from an industrial perspective. Non-seasonal, it has efficient supply chain management and is extremely friendly, due to the perfect dosing of the dice pellets.
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    Thursday, 3 May 2012
    Sonae Indústria promotes “The virtuous Cycle of Wood”

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    Monday, 30 April 2012
    Sonae Indústria present at the Estoril Open 2012
    In a perfect combination between Tafibra´s decorative solutions and the wood benefits for sustainability, Sonae Indústria will have a stand at the Estoril Open 2012, at the Jamor Stadium, from April 28th to 6 May. Sports and wellness centers, recreational areas and aesthetically appealing and healthy buildings are some of the places where you can apply these Tafibra constructive solutions in wood. To remind us of its advantages for sustainability, Sonae Industria reinforces the message of wood as a renewable material that naturally enhances the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, a major cause of climate change, through the effect of sink forest carbon storage capacity and the carbon in wood products, as well as its ability to be reused and recycled, gaining new life, for example, in Tafibra´s new panels. Pedro Figueira, Marketing Director of Sonae Indústria, refers to "our continued support to the Estoril Open, one of the leading and most prestigious international tennis tournaments, reflects the diversity of places where wood can be applied, and because it is an event with a high participation of the public, we consider that it will boost the message about the relevance of the choice of solutions of recycled wood for construction and decoration, combining aesthetics and concern for the environment. " Visitors to the Break Point, near the central court of the tournament, will have the opportunity to see more of Tafibra´s solutions, manufactured mainly from recycled wood which are available in an extensive array of colors and patterns and are adaptable to various styles and decorative tendencies, and also to view the advantages of choosing wood products.
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    Thursday, 26 April 2012
    Sonae Indústria supports "Waste Free Ocean"
    On March 28th, Sonae Indústria was present at the Port of Leixões for the launch of the project "Leixões: Oceano sem resíduos (Ocean without waste)", the first demonstration of maritime waste collection organized by WFO ("Waste Free Oceans") in Portuguese waters. Sonae Indústria´s support fits into the role as the main national sponsor of wood residues and waste collection. The wood waste collected in this initiative was placed in a proper container prepared for this purpose and sent to Ecociclo´s Recycling Center in Alfena, Portugal. Sonae Indústria´s association aims to sensitize the civilians and authorities to the importance of keeping the oceans free of waste, and contributing to preserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems. According to Pedro Figueira, Tafibra´s Marketing Director, " the sea covers 70% of our planet and is one of the most important sources of biodiversity therefore, the preservation and cleanliness is critical. Often during these cleanups, wood waste and residues are found which can be recycled. This process of collection and recycling of wood, allowing its use as raw material for the production of wood based panels, benefits the oceans and the environment” WFO is an initiative whose aim is to reduce the floating waste along the European coast till 2020. The project works closely with the European fishing community and together, with new technologies, removes ocean waste and ensures that it gets recycled.
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    Tuesday, 27 March 2012
    Action Day: 27th of March – Conference of the wood sector in Brussels, with the support of the European Parliament.

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    Wednesday, 14 March 2012
    Sonae Novobord joins Shavathon!

    In an effort to create cancer awareness, the CANSA organisation host an annual event in South Africa called a Shavathon This event challenges all South Africans and organisations to raise funds for cancer and in the same instance, create an awareness of cancer. The official company event in SA was held on March 2nd, and the national public event was held throughout SA at all shopping malls the day after. "As you know Sonae employees are always up for a challenge", said Judite Jenkins (Sonae Novobord National HR Manager), "So we challenged ourselves and put out a hit list of people that we wanted to challenge to either color or shave their hair.This got us going, we were now challenging each other to shave our hair off ! There were a couple of the younger generation that decided to take the bull by the horns and shave their hair off." Sonae Novobord raised 3740.00 Rand towards this fantastic cause.

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    Friday, 24 February 2012
    Recycling: Tafisa Canada’s new favourite word
    These days, the health of the Canadian wood industry is a key concern for many Canadians. This industry has to deal with various pressures such as fluctuations in demand for its products, acceleration of technological innovation and compliance with the principles of sustainable development. For Tafisa Canada, meeting its current wood supply needs without compromising the environment for future generations is one of the many issues at heart behind its decision to integrate recycled wood into its production process. Tafisa Canada has faced some serious challenges over the years but has managed so far to maintain its position as leader in the manufacturing of particleboards and decorative thermofused melamine panels. However, like many companies in the wood industry, Tafisa Canada must rethink the way it manages its wood supply as the available raw material is becoming increasingly limited by economic and physical constraints. Wood waste can still be reused While people are beginning to view wood waste more broadly, the options for the disposal of waste generated from construction and demolition (C&D) activities are still considered by many as limited aside from being expensive. Tafisa couldn’t pass up the opportunity to position itself early on as a wood waste consumer. With amounting difficulties in obtaining wood fibre for its production process, the company realized that it could divert tons of waste generated in the construction and demolition sector into its production process. Not only would Tafisa be ensuring its wood supply, the company would be contributing to the preservation of the environment. After the construction of its wood recycling facility, aptly named Rewood, Tafisa began in 2005 to use recycled wood materials in the composition of its panels as a substitute for wood fibre, thus reducing its supply cost and opening itself to the possibility of diversifying its product range. Tafisa Canada keeps its sights on the future With the changes in legislation regarding wood waste management and to counteract the difficulties it has been experiencing so far in terms of wood supply, Tafisa Canada realized that it had to move forward with the upgrade of its wood recycling equipment. The project was viewed favourably which prompted the federal and provincial governments to lend their financial support. With this additional investment, Tafisa Canada was able to complete the upgrade of its recycling equipment during the summer of 2011 and is now capable of recycling 244 000 tons of diverted wood annually, which is the equivalent of about 2 million trees. The use of these residual materials enables the company to operate on a continuous basis, ensuring the sustainability of its operations and the preservation of jobs in the region. The Québec government considers it essential to support projects such as the one developed by Tafisa Canada which has doubled the quantity of reclaimed wood that it can reuse. On January 16, 2012, Tafisa Canada had the pleasure of hosting a press conference to officially announce the financial contribution it received to upgrade its wood recycling facility. Québec’s Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region, Mr. Sam Hamad, and the Member of the National Assembly for Mégantic-Compton, Mrs. Johanne Gonthier, were present during the press conference to officially confirm the remittance of a $5M loan from Investissement Québec as well as a financial contribution of $450,000 from RECYC-QUÉBEC. The announcement was positively received by various news media and covered at length across the province of Québec. It was even the “economic news of the day” on one of the national networks. The environmentally friendly message delivered by the media managed to put an optimistic spin on the current economic situation which is why RECYCLING has become Tafisa Canada’s new favourite word.
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    Tuesday, 29 November 2011
    Sonae Indústria was considered the third more reputable on the "MyBrand Reputation Index 2011"
    It was announced yesterday the "MyBrand Reputation Index 2011", an initiative launched by MyBrand and the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance, with support of Diario Económico. In a study that evaluated 44 companies, Sonae Industria was considered as the third more reputable company by the general public. It Also appears in the top 5 of the most reputable companies in the categories of Innovation, Quality, Financial Performance and Leadership. Sonae Industria was, moreover, the company that achieved greater progress in comparison with the 2010 data within the analyzed companies belonging to PSI 20. The MyBrand Reputation Index 2011 can be found at http://www.mybrandconsultants.com/studies
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    Friday, 25 November 2011
    Conference "Green Carbon: the forests and the carbon capture cycle in wood"
    Green Carbon Today at the Auditório do Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Lisbon the "Green Carbon: the forests and wood in the carbon capture cycle", Conference is taking place.bringing together experts in forestry and architecture, researchers and consultants in the areas of forest, environment, management and sustainable development. This initiative, promoted by Sonae Industria and Ciência Viva is based on three master-keys to decrease the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere: Research, Industry and Innovation. The importance of preserving indigenous forest, the forest management of production and recycling of wood with the goal of developing strategies and solutions to combat climate change, contributing to the existence of "green" carbon, are the main topics for discussion. Participating at the conference are: Nuno Lacasta, Coordinator of the Executive Committee of the Committee on Climate Change, Portuguese Carbon Fund and FCT-UNL, Fernando Barriga, from the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, Cristina Mágoas, from the Centre for Environmental Biology, University of Lisbon, João Neves da Silva, from the Centre for Forestry Research at the Institute of Agronomy, Joana Paulo Amaral, from the Forestry Department at the Institute of Agronomy, Alberto Tavares, COO of the Iberian Peninsula from Sonae Industria, Paulo Bessa, Director of Sustainability at Corticeira Amorim, and Pedro Ribeiro , Consultant for the Environmental Certification of Healthy Buildings. The speaker panel is completed with the participation of Werner Frank, expert consultant in the analysis of the life cycle of timber and building materials and expert accredited by the CEI-Bois for the analysis of sustainability of buildings and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations). The conference "Green Carbon: the forests and wood in the carbon capture cycle" is part of the celebrations of the International Year of Forests and the Science and Technology Week 2011
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    Friday, 11 November 2011
    Sonae Indústria committed to the recovery of the forest ecosystem in Mira

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    Wednesday, 12 October 2011, 00:20:11
    Best Practice Forum wins the Sonae Indústria Innovation Prize

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    Tuesday, 4 October 2011
    innovus collection in Benelux
    From the last 27th to 29th September Sonae Indústria proudly presented the Innovus Collection at the fair Vakbeurs Interieurbouw Hout & Kunststof 2011, in the Netherlands, with an exciting stand which included the newest trends for industrial furniture building, as well as other products such as MDF Color and Compact. The Vakbeurs Interieurbouw Hout & Kunststof 2011 fair is a yearly Professional Exhibition for Interior Building - Wood & Laminates 2011, in Gorinchem, close to Rotterdam. Innovus was praised by the visitors to this Exhibition, where the collection was presented in a lounge atmosphere dedicated for the younger public, craftsmen and designers. The products shown in the stand proudly showed that we promise and fulfill the needs of this young professionals. Not only did we have our own stand but Innovus was also displayed by our dealers Houthandel Blok and Oldenboom Doetinchem in three different spots.
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    Monday, 25 July 2011
    Sonae Industria (UK) Ltd. started the reconstruction of its fire-damaged plant in Knowsley
    Following the announcement from the 13th June about a fire in the chip storage and particle preparation area at the Knowsley plant in the UK, Sonae Indústria informs that the reconstruction project has started. The project value is still unknown due to the ongoing controlled demolition process to remove debris and assess the possibility of using some of the plant equipment and is expected to be complete in approximately six weeks. Sonae Indústria’s team has invested significant time and resource regarding the design stage and has received support from specialists from around the world. Nigel Graham, Managing Director of Sonae Industria (UK) Ltd said: “We have now completed the re-engineering and re-design of the wood yard area damaged by the fire on the 9th of June. Tenders have been requested from a number of specialist contractors for the work that will be carried out over the next nine months, which includes a phased start up on the new operation. Sonae Indústria remains totally committed to the UK market and its business partners. The management and staff at Knowsley are fully dedicated to enhancing the relationship with all stakeholders and there is confidence that this new investment will improve operational performance and address reliability issues we have experienced in the past. We would like to thank our staff and customers for their continued support.” During the rebuilding process, The Sonae Indústria Group will honour all delivery commitments throught its European mills, securing the continuity of the business.
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    Tuesday, 19 July 2011
    Sonae Indústria enters into a licensing agreement for the manufacture and sale of the wood plastic pellet technology

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    Friday, 17 June 2011
    Sonae Indústria wins Schweighofer Prize

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    Tuesday, 24 May 2011
    Current trends and modern designs in Cologne powered by innovus
    Around three months after the official introduction of its global décor collection, innovus is once more stepping into the limelight with its own event. On the 26th of May 2011, in parallel with interzum, everything at Alter Wartesaal in Cologne will be about current trends in décor and innovative designs. The famous French designer Didier Galerne will present innovations in the areas of furnishings and design from this year´s Milan Furniture Fair. As guests are presented with the current trends based on the latest Salone del Mobile 2011 furniture show in Milan, the innovus décor collection will be showcased and then used to demonstrate how to achieve cutting edge interior design. Traditional location: the Alter Wartesaal in Cologne Those attending the luxury event will experience a carefully chosen and memorable venue steeped in tradition and history, once a space to relax in luxury whilst drinking tea or champagne in the shadow of Cologne´s cathedral towers. In the former railway concourse of the city of Cologne, now known under the name of the Alter Wartesaal as a restaurant and also a place for staging concerts and other large-scale events, it is the newest trends and innovative designs of the décor industry which, this time, are due to take centre stage. Current décor trends-presented by Didier Galerne To this end, innovus welcomes a very special guest speaker. Inspired by this year´s Milan Furniture Fair, Didier Galerne a renowned Paris-based designer, will draw on his vast experience and skills, as well as of course creative talent, to present the latest design trends. He has been specialising for years in conceiving and designing innovative household furniture and textiles in interior design. Today, numerous, well-known firms from round the world, including Villeroy & Boch, number amongst his customers. Galerne draws inspiration for his creative ideas from regular visits to international, industry-specific fairs and by continuous monitoring of the market. A unique event for a unique audience Speaking about the event, Peter Farber of innovus said "Expect the unexpected. The use of colour in our individual environments is often over looked and we´re aiming to change that. We cannot be more excited for the night to come. We want everyone that attends to enter and leave, inspired and with a smile on their face." innovus cordially invites architects, designers, processing firms, and clients from the areas of wholesale and retail, the furniture industry, and the contract business to the event on the 26th of May. Further information is available directly from: Elke.Jonigkeit@glunz.de, tel. +49 (0) 5234 / 848 317 More information regarding innovus: http://www.innovus.co/ Picture: Ater Wartesaal (Koln, Germany)
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    Wednesday, 18 May 2011
    Sonae Indústria sponsors the National Prize for Architecture in Wood
    Sonae Indústria is pleased to join as the Gold Sponsor of the 1st edition of the National Prize for Architecture in Wood, an initiative that aims to promote works that reflect the quality and versatility of the timber and simultaneously create sustainable construction solutions and demonstrate the incorporation of a significant percentage of domestic production associated with its construction, both in terms of the use of raw materials or of Portuguese manpower. Applications will be open until September 23rd. All architects, with up to date registration at the Order of the Architects in Portugal and with works constructed between 2008 and 2011 in Portugal can apply. The National Prize for Architecture in Wood, a biennial initiative, has an Organizing Committee from the Ministry of Agriculture of Rural Development and Fisheries, the National Forest Authority, the Centro Pinus and the Order of the Architects. The jury will be composed of prestigious Portuguese personalities from the fields of Architecture, Engineering and Industry and also includes a representative of Sonae Indústria. The winner of the National Prize of Architecture in Wood will receive a prize of € 10,000.00 (ten thousand Euros) and a commemorative wooden plaque for place on the piece. The Prize winner will be announced in a public ceremony on November 18, venue still unknown, which will also inaugurate the exhibition of the finalists and the release of the book edition of the Prize. For more information, see www.florestas2011.org.pt
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    Wednesday, 27 April 2011
    Press Release: Sonae Indústria was selected as a "Most Efficient Company" at the Energy Efficiency Awards Portugal 2011

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    Wednesday, 6 April 2011
    Press Release regarding he Gold Mercury Sustainability Award, given to Sonae Indústria, in Portugal:

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    Wednesday, 23 February 2011
    Press Release regarding a Voluntary Action at Sonae Indústria in Portugal

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    Wednesday, 2 February 2011
    INNOVUS has arrived!
    INNOVUS is more than a Global Decorative Collection. It is an innovative approach to design with over 150 décors with exceptional colour and texture. After the successful presentation in the UK and France, now it is time to Germany unveil INNOVUS! During the 14th and 15th of February, at the breathtaking backdrop of the MARTa Herford museum of art and design, INNOVUS will be presented by two high-profile guest lecturers and with an international buffet. Our sales team representatives will be available all the time and also on the following day to let you discover more about INNOVUS. Come and be surprised! If you have any queries about this event, contact elke.jonigkeit@glunz.de, tel: +49(0)5234/848 317.
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    Tuesday, 4 January 2011
    Innovus is here!
    The start of a New Year marks also the launch of our new décor products collection branded Innovus! This new range was designed to help establish us as a key player in the field of melamine-face and HPL/CPL products in Europe. The collection, consisting of 150 décors, will be available in melamine-faced particleboard, high pressure and compact laminate, with complementary matching edging tapes and lacquered MDF also offered. A dedicated website unveiling this new concept was launched today at http://www.innovus.co/ More to come soon. Happy New Year everyone! May it be a year of prosperity and success for Sonae Indústria and Innovus.
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    Monday, 15 November 2010
    Unveiling Innovus
    Innovus In line with its strategy of providing the widest range of decorative products in the market, Sonae Indústria will be launching in 2011 a new décor products collection branded Innovus. This new range was designed to help establish us as a key player in the field of melamine-face and HPL/CPL products in Europe. The collection, consisting of 150 décors, will be available in melamine-faced particleboard, high pressure and compact laminate, with complementary matching edging tapes and lacquered MDF also offered. Official launching will happen on the 1st of January 2011 but for marketing reasons the brand was unveiled in the UK market today with the publication of an article on the prestigious publication Furniture Journal. The core team behind the Innovus project is composed by Kevin Davies, Anne Bergmann, Ulrich Ingelfinger, Judite Amaral and John Bruens, supported by Karsten Wege, under the coordination of Christophe Chambonnet. Colleagues from Impaper and from the Global Purchasing and Global IT areas have all played supporting roles in the process. Please join us in wishing them, and the extended team behind all the important operational details, the best of luck for this new venture.
  • News

    Thursday, 4 November 2010
    Press Release regarding Sonae Indústria new Logo
    Having now completed the restructuring and reorganisation of the company, Sonae Indústria launches a new logo which has been designed to reinforce values of Innovation and Excellence. The logo, as well as the company, transforms and renews itself, reinforcing these values in a dynamic, strong and unique way.
  • Press Release

    Thursday, 4 November 2010
    Press Release regarding Sonae Indústria new Logo

  • Press Release

    Thursday, 28 October 2010
    Press Release regarding the European Protest on October 29

  • Press Release

    Wednesday, 20 October 2010
    Press Release regarding a Voluntary Action at Sonae Indústria in Portugal

  • News

    Monday, 27 September 2010
    TAFIBRA won "Mobis 10 years" award
    On the 17th of September during another gala at the Alfândega Customs Building in Porto organized by the Mobiliário em Noticía newspaper, Tafibra was distinguished with the Mobis 10 Years award. The event, which has gained an important place in the furniture and housing sectors in Portugal, had numerous guests, amongst them government officials, local responsible authorities, members of business associations and entrepreneurs from those sectors. As this was the 10th edition of this gala, a new category was introduced – the Mobis 10 Years Award – destined to recognize companies along the furniture value chain that have distinguished themselves in terms of excellence, in a continued and consistent manner over the past 10 years. The event, which has gained an important place in the furniture and housing sectors in Portugal, had numerous guests, amongst them government officials, local responsible authorities members of business associations and entrepreneurs from those sectors The Prémio Mobis 10 Years is an interesting metal sculpture in the shape of a “M” signed by the Architect Souto Moura, and which will soon be displayed at our showroom in Maia. Congratulations to the team!
  • News

    Monday, 14 June 2010
    Sonae Indústria (UK) Ltd launches an environmentally friendly brand
    With the motto “Real Urban Forest”, Sonae Indústria in the UK, has refreshed its image and presents itself with a new re-positioning and a clear message: RECYCLING IS GOOD!
  • Press Release

    Tuesday, 1 June 2010
    Press Release regarding the Honourable Mention awarded yesterday to Sonae Indústria at the Product Innovation Prize awards

  • News

    Monday, 16 November 2009
    FINOV distinguishes Poliface "Splash"
    The new water resistant flooring "Splash" received an award at the Sonae´s Innovation Forum (November, 16th), whose aim is to encourage and support innovative projects in the various companies of the group therefore creating even higher levels of value. Commemorating the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, FINOV has emphasized this product as "recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms or other spaces where moisture can exist and frequent cleaning with water is necessary". "Splash" was fully developed by the technical team at the Pontecaldelas plant in Galicia, and represented an investment of about €50,000. With this new product, Tafibra strengthens its position in the market for decorative flooring and can offer a complete solution for their target markets, particularly for the contractors.
  • News

    Friday, 6 November 2009
    Ecociclo, a company of Sonae Indústria, SGPS group, obtained a certification by APCER
    Ecociclo, a company of Sonae Indústria, SGPS group, obtained a certification by APCER, in accordance with the requisites of the Responsibility Chain FSC, in partnership with the accredited entity by the FSC, SQS. "The satisfaction of customer requirements was our primary motivation, as well as the promotion of our image as an important reciclador of wooden residues , which now controls the entire cycle of timber from its origin to its final destination, making it sustainable . We chose APCER as an experienced partner in certification and, together, we can easily achieve a common goal. " pointed out Inês Costa Luz, responsible for the Integrated Management System of Ecociclo.
  • Press Release

    Thursday, 22 October 2009
    Press Release regarding a Voluntary Action at Sonae Indústria in Portugal.

  • News

    Monday, 24 August 2009
    Isoroy mounts Grand Palais in Paris
    “White Geology” is the name of the essential element of the artistic manifestation created by Philippe Rahm, which was built entirely with Isoroy medium-density panels. This manufacturer, a branch of the Sonae Indústria group, mounted this year´s “Grand Palais” in Paris with medium-density panels for the second edition of the exhibition “La Force de l´Art” (The strength of art). One of the ambitions of this exhibition is to encourage the access to art and specially, to permit the general public to discover french contemporary art. Seduced by the project and by its privileged location, Isoroy associated itself to this project, offering its know-how to the “White Geology”. Medium Ignifuge This product is a MDF fireproof panel, with the Euroclasse B-s2.d0 certification – the classification in force in Europe for fireproof materials. Mounted on metal structures at the workshops of the INVIA society, these flame retardant panels were painted white before being installed in the heart of the Grand Palais, a few days before the exhibition. Corresponding to the needs and creativity of the artists, this material meets the safety requirements of the building.
  • News

    Thursday, 16 July 2009
    Tafibra launches "Splash"
    Tafibra launches Tafibra launched, under its Poliface brandname, a new decorative floor named«Splash».This new product is 100% waterproof and "recommended for application in kitchens, bathrooms or other spaces which are humid or require frequent cleaning with water-based products". In the company´s press announcement it refers that "the collection of patterns and textures was designed according to the other Poliface products, allowing the user to maintain the same pattern on all the area total covered, kitchen and bathroom included, with total harmony". It´s a product "technically innovative, with very high levels of resistance to abrasion, to impact and scratches. As it happens with the other range of Poliface products, the click system without Inloc Click glue allows an easy and quick instalation of the paving, optimizing time and minimizing the instalation costs. Its maintenance and cleaning are quite simple". More information at Poliface website: http://www.poliface.com
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    Tuesday, 14 July 2009
    Tafisa Canada finalist for the innovation in health and safety prize of the CSST
    Tafisa Canada finalist for the innovation in health and safety prize of the CSST Removing the sieves from the dry screens is a high risk task in a restricted environment. Before the innovation of Mr. Rénald Champagne, four people had to pull together to remove the sieves. Mr. Champagne studied the problem with his colleagues in the maintenance department and with the production team and a winch was created specifically for the sieves of the second particleboard production line. This project was submitted to the CSST as a contender for the innovation prize in health and safety and Tafisa Canada was a finalist for this award. The plaque given by the CSST proudly hangs in the control room. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this project!
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    Tuesday, 26 May 2009
    Tafisa Canada – Supplier Award from Knoll
    Tafisa Canada – Supplier Award from Knoll Knoll, one of North America’s leading producers of Office Furniture, recently awarded Tafisa Canada with Supplier of the Year in 2008/2009 for developing a FSC particleboard & melamine panel supply solution. Knoll has fully embraced the FSC sustainable forest program and is working with select suppliers of panels and veneers for FSC certified sourcing solutions on a global basis. FSC certification is a keystone element within Knoll’s overall marketing strategy. With Knoll’s leadership, Tafisa Canada worked closely with its suppliers of post-industrial and post-consumer wood fibre residues to develop a sustainable FSC “Mixed Sources” supply chain. We also consulted with one of FSC’s certification agencies, Smartwood, to achieve FSC Mixed Sources certification in February 2008. This certification has enabled Tafisa Canada to become the leading supplier of particleboard & melamine panels to Knoll’s plants in Grand Rapids, Michigan and East Greenville, Pennsylvania. Effort is underway to secure business at Knoll’s Toronto, Ontario plant. In quantifiable terms, the FSC Mixed Sources certification has enabled Tafisa Canada to secure nearly 4000 m3 in the rolling 12 months ending April 2009. This volume will increase as the FSC Mixed Sources supply is fully implemented throughout the Knoll system and as the demand for Office Furniture in general recovers. Knoll was one of the key customers in Tafisa Canada’s commercial plan to recover market share with the restart of particleboard Line 2. Tafisa Team supporting the Knoll FSC Solutions Award Chris Lawrence/Sales, Steve Boghossian/Sales, Daniel Bombardier/VP Operations, Serge Cote/Mgr MFC production, Roger Orichefqui/Mgr PB production, Jean-Francois Langlois/Mgr Quality, Mark Wansbrough/Sales Mgr, Christine Couture/Mgr Logistics, Nathalie Roy/Customer Service, Jeff Blank/Sales, Eric Dedekam/VP Sales & Photographer. Missing from photo, Sylvain Martel/Mgr Fibre Procurement
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    Tuesday, 7 April 2009
    Tafisa Canada receive the visit of Miguel Robédé, Canadian Football player
    Tafisa Canada receive the visit of Miguel Robédé, Canadian Football player On March 13, 2009, Tafisa Canada had the honour of receiving the visit of Mr. Miguel Robédé, a defensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders who brought along the Grey Cup. The Calgary Stampeders are a Canadian Football League team based in Calgary, Alberta. They have won the league´s Grey Cup championship six times, most recently in 2008 against the Montreal Alouettes. Although ice hockey is Canada´s most popular sport, the CFL has increased the popularity of Canadian Football (iron grip) in Quebec and Western Canada. The Grey Cup (in French: La Coupe Grey) is both the name of the championship of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the name of the trophy awarded to the victorious team. It is Canada´s largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million. 66 308 people attended the 96th Grey Cup at the Montreal Stadium on November 23rd 2008. Mr. Robédé is the son-in-law of Mr. Michel Bernard who is one of Tafisa Canada´s top wood suppliers. The 6-foot-4 (1,95m) and 274-pound (125 kg) athlete met with our local high school students and football team, Les Béliers (The Rams). He then visited the Tafisa Canada plant, its employees and some of their children. He was gracious and took the time to answer questions and have his pictures taken with numerous fans.
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    Monday, 16 March 2009
    Sonae Novobord sponsors e-Learning project
    Sonae Novobord The e-learning project launched by Ligbron Academy of Technology and the Department of Education in June last year is expanding rapidly. Pupils from Umzimbelo Agricultural School, Camden Combined School and Ermelo Combined School are also benefiting from the project. Teachers and pupils interact through live transmissions by making use of a touch-screen whiteboard. The project received a boost of R270.000 from Sonae Novobord, a company that prides itself on its involvement in education and environmental development. "We are proud to be part of this project. We are investing in the future of our country by contributing to the education of our children. There is a huge lack of skilled people in our country to run our economy and fill the gaps in the professional world. You should use your opportunities and make the sky your limit", was the message of Mr Andrew Marthinussen from Sonae Novobord to the pupils of Camden Combined. Three classrooms, newly equipped for the e-project, were officially handed over to the school principal, Mr Sipho Sihlati, last Friday. In the past only Grade 12 pupils benefited from the e-technology, but the project has now been rolled out to the Grade 10 and 11 pupils as well. Mr Marthinussen thanked Mr Frans Kalp, co-ordinator of the e-learning project, for his involvement and assured him that Sonae Novobord would remain financial partners in this project. Take a look to the newspaper article about this project:
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    Friday, 16 January 2009
    Glunz new website
    Glunz has a new internet site with a modern and appellative design, offering an intuitive use/utilization. With this presence, Glunz re-launches its new corporative image. In this new site, you will find a vast range of products and services, from decorative products to products for the construction industry. The first page of this new site is divided into 4 categories, simplifying and making the navigation and the access to the principal information much quicker. In each one of the product ranges, information is available on the products, deliveries, technical information and useful hints as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions This new site came to simplify the access to the general information about the company, career opportunities and to themes such as sustainability. In the information on the company we can find up-to-date information about the latest news on products and the evolution of the company. Visit the Glunz AG website: http://www.glunz.de
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    Monday, 24 November 2008
    Tafisa re-invents the pear tree with Dolce Vita & Copa Cabana
    Dorval, Québec, CANADA, 21 November, 2008 - With the introduction of L488 Dolce Vita and L489 Copa Cabana, Tafisa has embarked upon a new branch of pear tree designs. Thanks to the most recent European engraving technology, these two new melamine designs are in a class of their own. The use of pearlescent inks has helped to create depth and clarity that has rarely existed previously in the world of thermofused melamine panels. Complement these sleek new designs with the use of metallic accessories to give your next project European flair!
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    Tuesday, 18 November 2008
    Ecociclo is now certified by Quality, Environment e Safety
    It is a pleasure to announce that the Recycle Center of Seixal has been awarded the following certifications by APCER, for it´s management of wasted wood products : NP EN ISO 9001:2000 (Quality), NP EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environment), e OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety). The cerimony was held on October 30th.
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    Tuesday, 4 November 2008
    Sonae Indústria awarded with the "Mobis Award"
    Sonae Indústria was, once again, awarded with the Mobis Award for the best Supplier of Raw Materials and Subsidiary of the national furniture sector. The VIII Gala took place on the 16th of October at the Póvoa de Varzim Casino, and was once again organized by the “Mobiliário em Notícia” newspaper. As in the past, the event had as its main objective the presenting of the awards to the winners of diverse categories, such as "Empresa de Mobiliário Contemporâneo" - Company of Contemporaneous Furniture, "Empresa de Mobiliário de Cozinha e Banho"- Company of Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture; "Loja"- store "Empresário Indústria"- Industrial Business Man, etc The ceremony counted with more than four hundred guests, with the special presence of the State Secretary for Trade, Mr. Fernando Serraqueiro, as well as other important dignitaries. It is the fourth time that Sonae Indústria wins this award and was also presented with the prize “Prémio Mobis Gold”, the most important honor in the furniture sector Thirty six companies and business men received awards from the thirty six categories in what is considered by many as the “Furniture Oscars”. During the event, the Portuguese Association for Furniture Trade handed out the quality certification to 70 stores. The furniture and wood sector employs about 54.500 workers. According to the (Estudo Estratégico das Indústrias de Madeira e Mobiliário)- Strategic study of the Wood and Furniture Industry, the furniture industry is one of the traditional sectors of Portuguese industries, over the last few years, which has had the most growth in the international markets and a more significant evolution on product development, marketing strategies and evolution on the value-chain.
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    Thursday, 23 October 2008
    Tafisa brings music to your ears & your eyes with the introduction of 4 new walnut TFM designs
    Dorval, Québec, CANADA, 22 October, 2008 - As part of its most recent launch of thermofused melamine panel designs, Tafisa has introduced 4 noble walnut-grained designs within its 2008-09 EXECUTIVE Collection: Allegro (L483), Symphony (L484), Concerto (L485) and Opera (L486). Drawing their names from a musical inspiration, these new designs feature crossfire, pin knots, strong planking and an extensive use of pearlescent inks, All panels are offered in Tafisa´s "smoothwood" finish. The look and feel of these products make them an easy replacement to wood veneers, at a fraction of the cost.
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    Wednesday, 24 September 2008
    Tafisa Brasil in Focus

  • Press Release

    Wednesday, 10 September 2008
    Sonae Indústria, SGPS, SA informs about latest investments

  • News

    Monday, 18 August 2008
    Sonae Novobord - Wemhoener Short Cycle Press Project White River
    The first "official board" was produced on Friday, 8th August 2008 at 12h00. Sonae´s Novobord will be doing training for the next two weeks day shift only and thereafter will go to 24 hour production from 25th August.
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    Saturday, 5 July 2008
    Sonae Indústria is the sponsor of the structure mounted for the "Verão na Praça" (Summer in the Plaza)
    Sonae Indústria was the sponsor of the structure mounted for the "Verão na Praça" (Summer in the Plaza) concerts, Casa da Musica´s initiative during the months of June, July and August. The events are diversified such as the St.John´s concert and the Mestiço Festival during June, various orchestral concerts during the month of July and August is dedicated to Fado. Sonae Indústria contributed with our own OSB products that came directly from Germany. For more information visit the site: www.casadamusica.com .
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    Friday, 20 June 2008
    Sonae Tafibra Benelux b.v. changes to Sonae Tafibra International b.v.
     Sonae Tafibra Benelux b.v. changes to Sonae Tafibra International b.v.
    We are pleased to inform you that as from today the name of our company Sonae Tafibra Benelux b.v., has been changed into Sonae Tafibra International b.v. Address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc., remains unchanged.
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    Friday, 20 June 2008
    Tafisa Brasil - Paraná Brass 2008 Concert
    On the 4th of June at Tafisa’s Brasil plant, in Curitiba, the Paraná Brass in Concert took place. A major event of innovative personal development initiative and a cultural incentive. The structure was built in an area of the plant, which by the end of the preparations, was ready to welcome and delight more than 600 guests, between employees and their family. The whole event was thought and planned taking into account every single detail. A special area was created for the children. While the guests were enjoying the Palestra Show, many toys, fun and games delighted the children. Thinking about the comfort of the adults, a nursery and infrastructure was created to take care of the babies. The presentation of the metal and percussion orchestra occurred in parallel with the motivational speech. "IN SYNTONY WITH SUCCESS", presented by Alexander Baer, a professional speaker in the personal marketing area. That presentation made an analogy between the syntony of music and the syntony in our lives. The motivational aspects, that lead people to obtain syntony and success, personal evolution and other teachings, were presented in an involving way through musical pieces for almost two hours. Throughout the presentation, one could see the enthusiasm of the audience. After the presentation, a cocktail was offered to all amongst comments and opinions concerning the presentation that, of course, emotionally moved every participant who attended the event.
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    Friday, 16 May 2008
    Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards 2008
    Hundreds of thousands of trees are still standing tall thanks to Sonae UK’s recycling efforts this year. The company manufactures chipboard for furniture and construction industries and its use of recycled materials saves 400,000 trees every year - 98% of the material used at the Knowsley plant is recycled. Employees believe that Sonae does a lot for the environment giving an 80% green score on this question. Employees think that investing in green initiatives is money well spent (87%) and that environmental impacts are improving (81%). There is a dedicated environment manager at the Knowsley site and staff say their boss is committed to the environment (79%) and that it is an everyday consideration at work (80%).
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    Thursday, 15 May 2008
    Tafisa Canada obtains FSC certification
    Tafisa Canada announces its ability to market composite wood panels with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification! The use of sound chain-of-custody wood-fibre supply practices to produce particleboard and melamine-faced panels has enabled Tafisa Canada to secure the "FSC-Mixed Sources" certification (SW-COC-003089). Tafisa will also display the Rainforest Alliance/Smartwood logo in recognition of this organization´s role as an independent certifier and auditor working on behalf of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Press Release

    Thursday, 3 April 2008
    Sonae Indústria launches new site on the Internet

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    Tuesday, 15 January 2008
    Coloured crystal MDF
    At the PASSAGEN 2008 trade show, to be held from 14 to 20 January in Cologne, Germany, Glunz will be launching an exciting new variant of TOPAN colour. The addition of CRYSTALLIZED (TM)– Swarovski Elements to this MDF product gives it a real sparkle. Together with its development partners BASF and Swarovski, Sonae Indústria will be showcasing the new product and its various applications at the PASSAGEN event's KAP Forum. Crystal-shaped display units, made of black, grey and blue TOPAN colour and decorated with countless Swarovski crystals, will provide examples of how it allows furniture and interior designers to achieve exciting new effects. The combination of TOPAN colour with CRYSTALLIZED (TM)– Swarovski Elements brings the current fashion for glamour and extravagance to wood-based materials. "Our new product brings a real touch of luxury to furniture, residential and commercial interiors, and exhibition stands," says Mike Richter, MDF product manager at Glunz. "The strategic partners all contributed expertise in different areas, complementing each other perfectly. BASF optimized the dyes for the colouring process, while Sonae Indústria contributed its experience of producing MDF. The addition of CRYSTALLIZED (TM)– Swarovski Elements opens up new possibilities for designers working with TOPAN colour." Infinite design possibilities Katrin Neelsen of Neelsen Design Management was commissioned by Sonae Indústria to create an installation that would show off TOPAN colour with CRYSTALLIZED (TM)– Swarovski Elements to best effect at the KAP Forum. And appropriately enough, her design features three large crystal structures each with a diameter of almost 250 centimetres, and six smaller crystal-shaped seats. The display units are made from TOPAN colour in three colours (new grey, plus classic black and blue), featuring the Flower Art design in white and black. Every surface of these display units features a different design – flower motifs made from CRYSTALLIZED (TM)– Swarovski Elements, crystals seemingly scattered at random over a work surface, or a blank surface discreetly ornamented with a single crystal are just a few examples. "The sparkling TOPAN colour allows designers to achieve some striking effects," explains Richter. "But users also know they can also rely on the proven quality and practicality of our materials – painting is only required for surface-finishing, there is no need to apply facing to cut edges, and the surface does not need to be treated when a groove or other deep cut is made in it." Anyone interested in designing and working with the product can find out more on the KAP Forum stand at PASSAGEN 2008, or by contacting the Sonae Design-Competence Centre at the company's site in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany. Headquartered in Meppen, Germany, Glunz AG is the subsidiary of Sonae Indústria which covers the German-speaking countries.
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    Friday, 21 December 2007
    Tafisa Canada presses first panel on new particleboard press
    Lac Mégantic, Québec, 21 December 2007 - Tafisa Canada announced today that the operation of its new state-of-the-art particleboard press has officially begun. The first particleboard panel was pressed on 21December at 15:50 to celebratory applause from the Tafisa Canada’s 325 employees. The culmination of this 18 month project has resulted in a particleboard press that features maximum security measures, an improved production layout as well as the most modern equipment on the market. Mr. Louis Brassard, Chief Executive Officer of Tafisa Canada and Board Member of Sonae Industria, is confident that the quality, the consistency and the flexibility of particleboard dimensions produced will surpass the current market offering. He believes these key factors will greatly enhance Tafisa Canada’s ability to regain both its client base and its standing as a market leader. Diligent measures have been undertaken to guarantee the availability of raw materials required for Tafisa Canada’s large scale production. In addition, experienced members of the former Line 2 team have been rehired and have undergone specialized re-training to ensure optimal particleboard production from day one. The team at Tafisa Canada is grateful for the support received from employees, clients, suppliers and business partners as this new production milestone is achieved. Established in Lac Mégantic in 1990, Tafisa Canada is the largest integrated particleboard and thermofused melamine panel production plant in North America. With a production capacity of 968 000 cubic meters or 547 000 000 square feet (on a ¾'" basis), Tafisa fulfills approximately 10% of the North American particleboard market requirements.
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    Tuesday, 4 December 2007
    Tafisa Canada prepares for the launch of its line 2 Particle Board Press
    Lac Mégantic, Québec, 4 December 2007 - Anticipation builds as Tafisa Canada prepares to press the first particle board panel from its state-of-the-art particle board press. Tafisa's major 18 month Line 2 project, designed with maximum security measures, an improved production layout and the most modern equipment on the market, is rapidly nearing completion. Under the supervision of the Canadian firm Sandwell EPC Inc. and the construction site management of L Nardella Associes Ltee, there were in excess of 400 employees employed on site during peak periods. The construction of this project consumed over 435 000 man hours while material requirements exceeded 3250 metric tons of steel and 11 500 cubic meters of concrete. Employees are poised and ready for action. With years of experience behind them, 100% of the Line 2 team members have been rehired and have undergone specialized re-training for optimal production efficiency once the particle board line reopens. Tafisa has plans to re-emerge with major impact and will be a powerful force with which to contend. With experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, guaranteed supplies of raw materials, a recipe for consistent quality panels and solid product designs, Tafisa has taken steady measures to regain its client base and to reestablish its standing as a market leader. Established in 1990, Tafisa Canada manufactures particleboard and thermofused melamine. The Tafisa plant, located in Lac Mégantic, is the largest particleboard production plant in North America. Tafisa employs 325 workers with a production capacity equivalent to approximately 10% of the North American market.
  • Press Release

    Thursday, 5 July 2007
    Sonae Indústria releases today its first Sustainability Report, taking on commitments to an even more sustainable management of its business

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    Monday, 3 April 2006
    Expansion at White River factory
    The Building Industry in South Africa has shown significant growth over the past few years and indications are that this trend should continue for the foreseeable future. The Panelboard Industry has benefited significantly from the growth with the last significant investment being the building of the Sonae Novobord Panbult factory which was commissioned in 2000. In order to cope with current demand and future growth Sonae Novobord (Pty) Ltd supported by its parent Sonae Indústria will invest R400 million on the expansion of its White River factory. Metso Panelboard has been selected as the primary supplier of the equipment for the new Particle Board line. The new line includes a Metso gluing system with flake metering and resin blending system, Classi former ™ forming stations, a 2.765m width, 20.5 meter long Metso Contipress ™, panel handling with press outfeed and LUKKI ™ Intermediate Storage system with sanding and packaging line. The construction of the new particle board line will begin in March 2006 and will be commissioned in March of 2007 with the delivery of the press to White River in September 2007. Sonae Novobord's investment will add significant value to the forestry industry, as it maximises the utilization of the forest by scavenging timber which cannot be used in both the saw milling and paper making process. Metso currently has an established engineering business in SA. As a result, certain components will be fabricated in SA using local resources and raw materials. Sonae Novobords' commitment to South Africa is further expressed through its corporate social responsibility programme which includes a substantial amount to the WWF Mpumalanga Wetlands project together with substantial contributions aimed at aiding scholars via bursaries and improving the education infrastructure in the White River area. Sonae Novobord (Pty) Ltd has taken a long term view on the industry through its investment programme ensuring that the local South African market requirements will be met up to and beyond 2010. Sonae Novobord (Pty) Ltd currently has manufacturing sites in Mpumalanga White River, Panbult and George in the Western Cape, with its Head Office in Woodmead Johannesburg and sales offices in all the major cities of SA.
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    Tuesday, 31 January 2006
    Sonae UK Ltd has launched its own website – sonaeuk.com which highlights all its products from standard chipboard to decorative panels. We hope that the new site will be a useful window into our ever changing portfolio of products and will help to explain our aims as the UK’s largest wood recycler. The benefit of sonaeuk.com is that it provides immediacy of information and allows for next day delivery of samples. In the decorative area of the business the site will help to minimise delays for specifiers of the decorative products who need to match against a pressed sample rather than an on screen image or product literature where the colour match is not always perfect. Thumbprint images of the MFC, MF MDF, HLPs and the new laminate and engineered wood flooring ranges can be selected to reveal larger images of the designs. In the MFC section the larger image displays recommendations on the best possible matches with door and foil manufacturers. These details are essential in order to provide a coordinated approach for specifiers who are gathering components for their design while a samples basket enables the browser to gather samples for direct ordering. The website hosts the latest additions to the Sonae UK range of MFC and MF MDF including Teak, Bubinga, Pearwood, Cider Pear, English Cherry, Ash Vernasca and Golden Oak. For those wanting to specify eco friendly products the site outlines Sonae’s recycling operations at Knowsley and its environmental aims. All of the standard and value added chipboard products are detailed and product certification is evident. The latest product literature from Sonae UK and the other global companies within the Sonae Industria group are available as downloadable pdfs. In addition to our UK product range the sonaeuk.com site provides an introduction to the Novolam ranges from Isoroy and links are available to both the Isoroy and Glunz web pages. The Sonae Indústria website – www.sonaeindustria.com - outlines all the products available worldwide from all of its plants but unlike some of our global companies we did not until now have a country specific website for our UK customers. We hope you will visit the new UK site soon!
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    Tuesday, 18 October 2005
    NOVOLAM REVOLUTIVE RANGE® launches 2 new trendsensors
    In octobre 2004, Isoroy launched a new image for the Novolam Revolutive Range - Gamme Révolutive Novolam -, its decorative range. The range contains over 200 designs, made up of a Core range, Coeur de gamme, and Trend sensors, Capteurs de tendances. The Novolam Core range consists of 113 decors in melamine, laminate STRATILAM® and edge bandings CHANLAM®. This exists durably over time and is always available in stock. The Trend sensors offer a choice of designs resulting from developments in creative flows. An inexhaustible source of innovation and inspiration, they offer the flexibility of the custom-made. For any order above a previously defined quantity, customers may base themselves on these creative proposals with a view to producing a decor that corresponds perfectly to their inspiration: choice of colours, contrasts, structures. The first 2 sensors, "Eclat" and "Envol" in 2004 (65 decors) are completed in 2005 by "Transatlantique" et "Fleur de peau" offering more than 70 new ideas. Novolam, a revolution on the Net The www.novolam.com website is an interactive design tool. It is a source of information and design and offers some unique services: • discovering the full range, • downloading designs, • the STUDIO NOVOLAM, displayed in 3D scenes, enables browsers to change the designs in various scenarios of fittings and furniture, play around with lighting and modular volumes in order to portray a real-life view of the scene that they are designing, • Novolam magazine, • Novolam assistance: browsers can consult technical information direct online, • request documentation and samples within 48h.
  • News

    Tuesday, 13 September 2005
    Tafisa Canada increases production capacity of its Tafilam melamine panels line
    Tafisa Canada, producer of Tafipan wood-based panels and Tafilam decorative melamine panels, is proud to announce they are launching a $12,000,000 Cdn project, which will enable an increase of nearly 50% in production capacity of its melamine panels line. This major project entails purchasing a new 4’ x 16’ Wemhöner melamine press line, upgrading other existing laminating equipment, and expanding its materials storage space. The new press is scheduled to be in operation for summer 2006. Tafisa Canada is well-known as the largest manufacturer of particleboard and melamine panels under one roof in North America. The addition of the new melamine press is a further confirmation of Tafisa’s leadership and commitment to the highest standards of service in order to meet the needs of the North American market. For more information on Tafisa, please visit our website at www.tafisa.ca.
  • Press Release

    Wednesday, 31 August 2005
    Earnings Announcement 1st Half 2005

  • News

    Thursday, 7 July 2005
    TAFIBRA - New image and iberian collection for furniture and decoration
    Tafibra, the Sonae Indústria brand for the production and sale of wood based products in the Iberian Península, presented its new visual identity and product range in Madrid and Porto, marked by a clear positioning in the decoration and design segments, and strengthening at the same time its furniture solutions. The Tafibra brand, the same across the whole Iberian Peninsula, has as its slogan "We create your environment" (in Portuguese "criamos o seu ambiente" and in Spanish "creamos tu entorno"), that aims to represent the most significant values of the company: INNOVATION – "create" in the sense of innovating, developing; MAJOR INDUSTRIAL COMPANY – "create" in the sense of producing; ECO-EFFICIENCY – "environment" in the sense of the company's environmental and social concerns; DESIGN AND DECORATION – "environment" given the importance, spread and impact of wood based panels in those environments that surround the house, the office, everywhere. The new identity presents a modern and attractive image, also evident in the new product logos that the company is commercialising that contribute towards the consistence and coherence of this strategy. The presentation of the image took place on 30 June in the Palácio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, and on 6 July in the Serralves Foundation in Porto. The events were very well attended particularly by businessmen from the furniture and construction sectors, architects, interior designers and decorators. As noted above, these events were also the opportunity to present the new Tafibra product range, which include new proposals for Iberia in the melamine, wood veneer and HPL product ranges. The new products are noteworthy for their quality and being up to date, perfectly in line with the most recent European market trends in furniture and decoration. One of the most appreciated features of the new collection was that the proposals complemented each other, allowing integrated solutions to be built. The way in which the collection was presented was also one of the high points of these events. Taking advantage of its market leader status, Tafibra presented a spectacular catalogue which was modern, complete and practical, from which a potential customer can find all the information he needs concerning products, specifications, complements, service levels, quantities etc. Attendees at the events were unanimous in their satisfaction at the clarity and quality of the messages transmitted and in recognising the importance of the repositioning of Tafibra to continue to develop its influence and coverage of the furniture and decoration sectors on the Iberian Peninsula. Tafibra product offers can also be seen on its new website www.tafibra.com where you can quickly and conveniently access all information concerning the products, understand their characteristics, request samples and catalogues: in other words, surf in a world of attractive, modern and natural solutions to enrich the areas in which we live.
  • Press Release

    Thursday, 28 April 2005
    Sonae Indústria - SGPS, SA announces 1st Quarter 2005 Earnings

  • Press Release

    Tuesday, 1 March 2005
    2004 Earnings Announcement

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    Monday, 15 December 2003
    Sonae UK and Spanboard Products Ltd - Corporate Re-Structure
    From January 1st 2004, a new corporate structure will be introduced in the UK, Tafisa UK and Sonae Tafibra UK which are the holding and commercial companies will cease to exist as trading entities. Sonae UK and Spanboard Products Ltd will undertake both the manufacturing and commercial operations in the UK and Ireland respectively. The new structure is being introduced to simplify governance and to facilitate the further integration of treasury and I.T. systems. The rationalisation of UK operating companies will significantly reduce administrative burden, improve information flow and assist clarity in planning. The changes outlined will have some commercial implications and it is important that you are aware of these so that any problems are avoided during the transition period. From the 1st of January 2004 all deliveries made, and invoices issued, will be from Sonae UK Ltd and Spanboard Products Ltd. Payment for new business after this date should be made to the issuing company. Outstanding debts as of the 31st of December 2003 should be remitted to Sonae Tafibra UK in line with the agreed terms. Credit issues on deliveries before the 31st of December 2003 will be resolved prior to the dissolution of Sonae Tafibra UK. Purchase orders raised for all new business from the 1st of January 2004, in Great Britain should be issued to Sonae UK Ltd and in Ireland should be issued to Spanboard Products Ltd. Terms and conditions of sale will remain the same, regardless of the issuing company, and copies will be re-issued in advance of the changes. Contact details in both companies will not be affected by this change.
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    Tuesday, 15 April 2003
    Tafibra at Construmat 2003
    Construmat 2003 - Salón Internacional de la Construcción - will be held on 26 - 31 May in Barcelone. Sonae Indústria’s Spanish commercial company, Tafibra, will have a 121 m2 stand located at M1, Pavillion 6, Level 0, Stand B-113. At Tafibra’s stand, you will find our main proposals for construction and interior decoration: Poliface floorings, solutions for doors manufacturing, acoustic isolating panels, among other wood-based products. This year, Tafibra will be launching the new flooring collection: Poliface deco, Poliface home and Poliface classic. Two novelties should be highlighted: Poliface inloc click - a laminate flooring installation system without glue - and Poliface Natural - a flooring with a new surface finishing. The Poliface inloc click is an alternative system to the traditional installation with glue. This new system is now available in Spain for Poliface deco and Poliface home ranges. Poliface Natural is a new surface finishing for flooring similar to the traditional solid wood floorings. This finishing is available on Poliface home range with the inloc click system. Another novelty is OSB. An excellent product replacing solid wood in the manufacture of pre-frames and door frames. The high mechanical resilience together with the dimension stability of this wood-based product makes it specially fitted for these applications, as certified by AITIM. Last but not least, other relevant products are the acoustic isolating solutions for walls and ceilings with wood-based panels TAVAPAN®. These panels are aesthetically attractive and environmentally fit. Additionally, the visitor will have the opportunity to check the quality of the FM high density chipboard specially fitted for technical floorings and get full expert information on these and other products commercialised by Tafibra. Visit us at Construmat 2003 and learn more about our solutions! We will be thrilled to talk to you! www.construmat.com
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    Monday, 10 February 2003
    Sonae Indústria sponsors the exhibition
    The "Engenho e Obra" exhibition was constructed from a wide variety of wood based products supplied by Sonae Indústria, one of the official exhibition sponsors. This exhibition will be open to the public until 2nd March 2003, at the Cordoaria building in Lisbon. Three thousand square meters of exhibition space have been devoted to the greatest achievements in the field of engineering in Portugal – and in the former colonies – during the XX century. The exhibition contains 21 different theme areas, ranging from the dawn of engineering, including the first experiments in electrification, to technological physics and biomedical engineering. Here we are guided through the great achievements in the ports, naval construction, the fishing industry, mining and geo-resources, dams, railways and information and communications systems. One of the highlights is nucleus 15, Forest and Forest Products. Here, the visitor is invited to enter an area where they will fund everything from trees and wood residues to furniture, including various wood based panels and paper, thus representing the life cycle of wood and its derivates. THE FOREST REINVENTED... THE SONAE INDÚSTRIA STAND The exhibition ends with an area dedicated to the sponsors, in which Sonae Indústria boasts an innovative stand (of around 50 m2) displaying all its products. Trees made from MDF – medium density fibreboard – and flooring in OSB – oriented strand board – with samples of all the many different Sonae Indústria products, ranging from particleboard, hardboard and HPL – high pressure laminate – to panels surfaced with melamine or wood veneer, spread over the floor to represent clusters of plants – this is the Sonae Indústria Forest, a new way of looking at a forest.
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    Thursday, 1 August 2002
    Sonae Indústria unifies its commercial structure in Portugal
    At the beginning of July, Sonae Tafibra launched its “Campaign 1”, to inform the domestic market that from now on they centralise the marketing and sales in Portugal of all of Sonae Indústria’s vast range of products. It may be recalled that, so far, Sonae Tafibra was commercialised the wood-based products (boards) produced by Sonae Indústria, while Poliface was responsible for the commercialisation of components (post-forming, flooring, drawers, doors, profiles and kits). Combining the two former commercial arms of Sonae Indústria into a single organisation will help customers to see the wide variety of products offered by the Company much more easily. The campaign to inform the market about the new situation has the slogan: “One world, a single name”. This campaign has the active support of distributors through the distribution of leaflets describing the full range of Sonae Indústria products that are going to be marketed by Sonae Tafibra. In the meantime, the company has been consolidating a series of marketing actions, which involve the promotion of new products and / or lines. In the first quarter of this year, there was a road show to introduce the new Line 21 and the Lamipan Line to over 250 commercials and administrative of our network of recommended dealers. There also have been other actions, usually called “Xx Weeks”, which are organized to launch new products or introduce changes to product lines. In May there was the “A/B+ Week” (new variant of Lamipan), in June we had the “RW Week” (reconstructed wood veneer, which is an extension of the Lamipan line), and in July there was the “Finishes Week”, which launched a new policy for products coated with melamine paper. It has been changed in order to boost the development of the domestic furniture manufacturers’ market.
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    Monday, 10 December 2001
    POGAB inaugurates wood veneer peeling plant
    On 9 October last year, POGAB (Placages d'Okoumé du Gabon) inaugurated a wood veneer unwinding factory in Owendo, the outcome of an investment of around 9 million CFA francs. The ceremony was attended by Omar Bongo, Gabon's head of state, and Richard Onouviet, the Minister of Water and Forestry, who stressed the importance of this investment in the national and international spectrum, in the sphere of the timber products sector. The Director General of POGAB, Robert Bloch, said that the inauguration of this plant was the fruit of the convergence of interests of, on the one hand, the industrialisation policy of Gabon, promoting local manufacturing of raw materials, and, on the other, of the shareholder (SONAE), who, by processing the raw material at source, is both ensuring its supply from the beginning, and demonstrating its confidence in the country's development. The plant employs 161 workers, 6 of whom are foreign, and production is continuous, manned by 3 shifts. The annual production of 56 000 cubic metres is destined solely for export to Europe, the USA and countries in the Mediterranean basin, with a turnover forecast at around 12 million CFA francs. Okoumé uses about 80 000 cubic metres of timber each year, which is supplied by Leroy Gabon, a company which is committed to the preservation of Gabon's forest, since it only uses timber from forests that it manages and exploits. POGAB is a limited company, which came into being thanks to the SONAE Group's participation in the process of industrialising Gabon's forestry resources. It aims to become the icon of quality and performance in the market.
  • News

    Tuesday, 13 November 2001
    Sonae Indústria at ZOW 2001 Pordenone
    The ZOW-workshop-concept, which has been singled out as the key to the success of the supplier trade show East Westphalia in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, was also at the core of the October event in Italy. Open, relatively uniform exhibition areas and free forum spaces supported communication between exhibitors and visitors. Central meeting points, called "Il Caffé", offered space for client contact in each hall of the exhibition. In Pordenone, naturally, they had the appearance of a more typical Italian Espresso-Bar. Moreover, the visitors could find a restaurant offering Mediterranean specialties for lunch near the reception. This exhibition took place in the heart of the Italian furniture region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. More than 240 exhibitors from 12 countries showed their products in Pordenone. Beside the Italian exhibitors, Austria and Germany were the most represented countries. The product range targeted precisely the demand of the furniture industry in Central and Southern Europe as well as in the Mediterranean countries: fittings, chemical products, furniture parts and systems, semi-finished products, surfaces, products for interior design, upholstery, fabrics and leather as well as other components. The main focus of the ZOW in Pordenone were the product groups "surfaces" and "fittings". This open and specialised exhibition for the furniture, supplier and interior design industries gave us the opportunity to show our comprehensive product range in order to match the needs of the italian market. The Sonae Indústria presented itself as a specially competent partner for the decorative segment by exhibiting the decorative products of the Collection 21 as the core of the booth. For Sonae Indústria, the year 2001 is highlighted by the start-up of huge investments in new production lines in Europe. This was also communicated to the italian market in order to promote the increase of exports to Italy, especially MFC. As already stated the focus was in the "Collection 21" as the link of the group. Besides the MFC itself the "Product System" related to Collection 21, with HPL, and painted thin MDF, in the same décors of the Collection 21 was also shown. To make the décors attractive as much as possible most of the exhibits were presented over a black background made of TOPAN Form Black. The stand appeared in an interesting black and white contrast, being the white restricted to the exhibits of the Collection 21. Each company presented samples of their whole melamine décor range. Two big graphics showed the new plants of the group: Linares, Le Creusot, Lure and Nettgau with two pictures of each and mentioning the product range and related capacities. Apart from MFC, specially painted thin MDF was also very interesting for the experts visiting this trade fair. In another area of the booth the companies showed other decorative and non-decorative products considered important for the Italian market. Two graphics highlighted MDF and OSB as useful and modern wood-based products for the furniture industry.
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    Friday, 12 October 2001
    Office Solution 2001
    Tafisa's participation in Office Solution 2001, one of Brazil's biggest trade fairs for integrated office solutions, was a boost to Sonae Indústria's position as world leader. The fair, with 22 000 sq m of exhibition area, was held in São Paulo from the 11th to the 15th September this year. The stands of 220 exhibitors welcomed about 46 000 visitors. Most of those visitors were architects and designers - a fact that was confirmed by the records of the Tafisa stand, where 90% of the 2000 visitors came from those areas. New products and trends in design for the office sector were the main issues of the fair. With an eye-catching stand, Tafisa reinforced the success it already experienced in Fimma 2001. A special event for 200 guests on the 13th September was organized to launch the "Poliface 2002 Collection " (7 new patterns), and "Tafisa Global Collection", welcoming our 30 biggest customers. At this event, it was also presented the new 1.80m format for laminated flooring, exclusive to Poliface in Brazil.
  • News

    Sunday, 30 September 2001
    Brasil: New line will double MDF production
    Tafisa Brasil has embarked on two new significant investments. The first was the Poliface flooring plant, and now, more recently, the second MDF production line has started up. This is going to help boost the production of MDF, which is nowadays regarded as an essential product in the furniture industry. Current output stands at 145 thousand cubic metres a year, and with this expansion the production capacity will rise to 325 thousand cubic metres a year. An investment of US$80 million was required to put this line into operation. On the 23rd August this year, the company's staff, technicians and managers saw the first MDF board rolled off the production line. The General Manager of Tafisa Brasil - Edson Ungarelli - was present at the event.
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    Monday, 10 September 2001
    Start of Production in Nettgau
    The first particle boards rolled off the line on schedule at new wood products centre at Glunz AG On August 15, 2001, the commissioning of the new plant equipment in Nettgau began, and the first particle board rolled off the line to the applause of all present. Everything ran according to the plan and the machines were put into service on schedule. Further technical adjustments will be carried out in the next few weeks and the company has every confidence that the official start of production will proceed on schedule in approximately one month. With the production of melamine faced wood product boards, Glunz AG will be in a position to substantially increase its market share of more highly processed products. The start of OSB production is scheduled for October of this year. The two Conti-Roll machines will produce up to 2250 m³ of particleboard and 1500 m³ of OSB daily. Three short cycle presses will handle the highly efficient production of melamine faced particle boards - meeting the latest technical demands of the furniture industry and hand-crafters. The state-of-the-art technology used in the crane facilities as well as in stocking and further processing of boards is linked to industry standard information technology. The building and manufacturing industries hold great sales potential for these developments. The opening of the new production facilities in Nettgau will contribute to make Sonae Indústria the biggest wood product manufacturer in the world, with a production capacity of more than 10 million cubic meters of wood products per year.
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    Thursday, 30 August 2001
    Lure (France) New developments
    Since July, the Lure plant has just produced its first particleboard with an advance of two weeks. A marketing programme, a cutting centre and new formats have been developed to respond to market expectations. Raw or melamine surfaced, the Lure plant now offers four new particleboard formats. The NOVOLAM range is available in all required formats and thicknesses. Thanks to a production control system and upstream transportation, delivery of orders can be programmed to guarantee highly rapid delivery. Equiped with a cutting line, the Lure plant has production tools at the leading-edge of technology. With entry dimensions varying between 1,500 to 5,700 mm in length and 1,200 to 2,600 mm width, the possibilities for variation are great. On request, several formats are henceforth available. At last, integrated into the cutting centre, the packaging of particleboard is carried out on-the-spot, ensuring product quality at the end of production, and time saved in the manufacturing process. The Lure plant has now the optimum in performance capability and a global offer, capable of providing a solution to every need.
  • News

    Friday, 17 August 2001
    Le Creusot (France) lays out the new MDF
    Operational since July, the Creusot plant has just produced its first ultra-thin MDF panels. Installation of the new production line provides a guarantee of high-quality board manufacture, whose mechanical and dimensional charactersitics are constant and reproductible. For wood-based panels requiring perfect calibration, such as in door manufacture, the plant is equipped with the very latest generation of sanding machine. It guarantees both extra-fine surface quality and a consistency of thickness. The plant is also equipped with a sawing facility and integrated packaging line. It can fulfill a large majority of requests. Newest innovation, a lacquering line is installed on the site. Operational from September, the line will produce wood-based panels that's lacquered and imprinted on one or both sides. At last, the plant is now articulated around dynamic stocking, able to hold up to 2,500 m3 of wood-based panels. This buffer stock provides permanent availability of all basic formats, thus optimizing flexibility and reactivity.
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    Tuesday, 14 August 2001
    Sonae SGPS strengthens position in Sonae Indústria
    Under the terms of Article 17 of the Código dos Valores Mobiliários (Securities Code), Sonae - SGPS, S.A., announces that it came to hold over 90% of the corresponding voting rights of its stake in the share capital of Sonae Indústria - SGPS, S.A., a public company, on 13 August 2001. The respective stake was acquired by subscribing to the increase and allocation of the company's capital, paying the sum of €219 397 540. It thus holds 92 047 366 shares, which represent 92.0474% of that company's share capital, and corresponds to exactly the same percentage of votes.
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    Thursday, 31 May 2001
    INTERZUM'01 - The Balance
    The Interzum event is one of the most important trade fair for products, components and fittings for the furniture and interior decoration industries. Once again, and as done since 1985, Sonae Indústria has been present at the INTERZUM'01 edition, that took place in Cologne (Germany) from the 18th to the 22nd May 2001. The main objectives for the participation of the SONAE Indústria in Interzum 2001 were: · To consolidate the institutional image of the Group as one of the major players in the wood-based panels world market; · To promote the wide range of products available in SONAE Indústria companies as their main competitive advantage; · To show the globalisation of the Group. This participation in Interzum also aimed to stress the forest sustainability and environmental concern of SONAE Indústria as well as to give information about the high levels of investment in production capacity increase. In addition, one of the main guidelines for the project was the participation through a stand with an imminent commercial focus and business centre to deal with current and potential customers specially from export markets, not forgetting eventually to meet current customers from our domestic markets. The international character of this fair to us was confirmed by the number of visitors coming from 66 different countries. The total number of registered visitors was 410. The visitors from the export markets slightly increased from last edition held in 1999, performing from 50% to 52% of the total registered visitors. The most demanded products were MDF (27,3%), MFC (17,9%), PB (10,2%), HPL (8,4%) and OSB (6,5%). Although it is not yet possible to objectively measure the economic impact of our presence at Interzum, some commercial deals were made and some other important contacts too. The new business opportunities can only be confirmed with further contacts with those potential customers. However, it is unanimous and confirmed that the main and most important purpose at the fair is to promote business in the export markets, to focus on the assistance of current and potential customers giving, at the same time, the proper attention to customers from the domestic and regular markets. Finally, the objectives of the project were completely fulfilled. The experience acquired in former editions of Interzum permitted to perform successfully in the development of the project. Let's hope that next exhibition the results show the continuous improvement edition-to-edition.
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    Friday, 30 March 2001
    Officially opened to the public by the State Governor of Rio Grande do Sul, FIMMA 2001 - Feira Internacional de Máquinas, Matérias-Primas e Acessórios para a Indústria Moveleira [International Fair for Machinery, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry], one of the biggest fairs in the world related to that sector, boosted the TAFISA brand in Brazil, consolidating its association with the Furniture Industry. The fair was held in one of the biggest furniture spots in Brazil, Bento Gonçalves/RS. It took place from 20 to 24 March in one of the biggest trade fair sites in Latin America. With 320 thousand square meters of exhibition area, there were 600 exhibitors, and it attracted 34 000 visitors, both national and foreign (from about 30 countries), creating a turnover of approximately US$260 million. Prominent throughout, right from the main entrance where we placed a globe coated with MDF boards, Tafisa surprised the visitors with the bold concept of its stand, which was supporting the vault of the world globe, a reference to the firm's globalization. The participation of TAFISA in FIMMA 2001 strengthened its image as world leader. Its stand welcomed the main clients from the furniture segment.
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    Friday, 16 March 2001
    The Chinese Government has recently approved the setting up of an office to represent POLIFACE in China. This is currently at the registration stage. One aim of establishing the POLIFACE CHINA office is the immediate development of the flooring market, which today consumes around 50 million sq m, of which 40% is imported. The office is in Guangzhou, in the south of China, and there are four POLIFACE CHINA staff there, among whom is the office manager, Ellen Su.
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    Friday, 16 February 2001
    ISO 14001 certification for Eiweiler and Meppen
    The Glunz's Eiweiler and Meppen plants have now completed the implementation of a management system that complies with the relevant environmental legislation, minimizes the environmental impact like noise, emissions and waste, and efficiently uses natural resources with the support of modern technology. This management system based on continuous improvement was developed according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. The MDF plant in Eiweiler has finalised the implementation of the environmental management system last year and certificate was granted on December, 19. The production and development, as well as the sales department of the MDF plant in Meppen have also been granted the above mentioned DIN EN ISO 14001 certificate on February 15, 2001. Compliance with the environmental legislation and regulation as well as with the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard has been audited and the environmental management systems have been certified. With this certification both plants have contributed to the SONAE INDÚSTRIA commitment to eco-efficiency and environmental management.
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    Thursday, 28 December 2000
    SIAF / CASCA Merger
    As part of the reorganisation process of Sonae Indústria's businesses, the public deed concerning the demerger-merger of SIAF and CASCA - Sociedade de Revestimentos, S.A. was finalized on 28 December. This event was the outcome of the concentration and rationalisation of their respective industrial activities. CASCA now holds all the assets and liabilities relative to the industrial activity formerly undertaken by SIAF, as well as assuming all the respective operations and relations resulting therefrom.
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    Thursday, 9 November 2000
    Sonae Indústria investments millions in plant
    Sonae Indústria has invested more then R300-million in the development of a state-of-the-art chipboard production facility near Piet Retief in Mpumalanga. This is in addition to the purchase, for an undisclosed sum, of Sappi Novobord, which includes plants in White River and George. The plant, which was official opened by the Chairman of Sonae Indústria holding company, Sonae SGPS, Belmiro Mendes de Azevedo, will have a significant impact on the flat board industry in South Africa and will go some way to meeting current demands, thereby reducing the needs for import. The South Africa arm of Sonae Indústria will trade under the name Sonae Novobord and use the well-established Novobord word as its logo. Managing Director of Sonae Novobord, Sidney Coetzee, said at the launch that the investment by Sonae Indústria brought not only much needed capital investment, but also technical expertise and an extended product range, which would add value to the South African board industry. "Sonae Indústria have invested heavily in an industry that has not has not seen major investment for close-on ten years in South Africa. The plant has significantly boosted the economy in Mpumalanga and has provided jobs both during its construction and now to the community of Panbult. In addition, South African consumers of wood-based products can look forward to a new range of products initially made by Sonae plants in other parts of the world. A few products that are receiving wide acclaim by consumers in other parts of the world will be available in South Africa in the near future. The products include laminated flooring and high pressure laminates used in furniture and kitchen applications." Deputy chairman of Sonae Indústria, Sergio Gonzalez Andion said that this South African investment was an integral part of the company's vision to be a truly global player in this industry. Sonae Indústria is committed to integrated environmental management and has an Environmental Policy which ensures that all of its operations meet the strict guidelines laid out. In addition, and in support of its commitment to the environment, Sonae Indústria companies are encouraged to seek environmental certification under ISO 14000 principles. A state-of-the-art computer system, used worldwide by Sonae plants, will provide a world-class service to Sonae Novobord customers. In addition, the backing of a group with the financial muscle of the Sonae Group, with sales over 5,3 billion Euro, the South African furniture industry can look forward to some exciting world class products from a world-class plant.
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    Monday, 25 September 2000
    Tafisa Brasil announces new production line
    Tafisa Brasil S.A., in conjunction with the Paraná State Government, announced plans to expand the production capacity of the Pién plant on 1 August this year. The new investment envisages the construction of an MDF plant capable of producing 180 000 cubic metres per year, in addition to a new melamine coating line of 1 100 000 cubic metres per month, and a cut-to-size unit. This new MDF plant will put Tafisa in the leading position for this product in the Brazilian market. This expansion in production capacity will meet the demand concerns of Tafisa Brasil's customers, and so contribute towards developing uses for MDF in the national market. It is hoped that the new factory will enter into production by the end of the first quarter of 2001.
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    Wednesday, 20 September 2000
    Saône Project - new fine and finished MDF production lines in Creusot
    The project to establish a new production line in the Creusot (Saône and Loire) plant is entering its final phase. This project involves replacing the old hot press with a new 23.8 m line, with an annual capacity of 115 000 cubic metres, and the installation of a modern finishing line. Work on the buildings and accesses is likely to occupy the 2nd half of 2000 so that the new lines can be installed in the 1st half of 2001. It is hoped that production will begin in the 3rd quarter of 2001. Sonae Indústria is making a considerable investment in this project, amounting to around 200 million Francs. This confirms our desire to strengthen the group's position in the fine particleboard market and in the European furniture industry. Located in the very heart of Burgundy, less than 300 km from northern Italy, Switzerland and south of Germany, the Creusot factory is in a very favourable position vis-à-vis the regions that supply its timber, and the most important markets.
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    Wednesday, 6 September 2000
    Sonae South Africa acquires SAPPI Novobord
    Although the deal was concluded on the 23rd of May between Sonae and Sappi Novobord, the reality is that it could not became effective until it received the approval of the Competitions Board which would take up to three months to give its approval. Finally, on the 8th of August 2000, the written approval was received from the Competitions Board, removing the last obstacle before making the negotiations a reality. The acquisition has a major impact on various aspects of the positioning of Sonae's interest in South Africa. The business has now created the opportunity through its increased capacity to become the largest suppliers of particleboard in South Africa. Not only has it increased its capacity, but also increased its diversity of products with the ability to supply MDF from its White River Factory. The Sappi Novobord product range will be maintained together with the "Novobord" identity that has been incorporated into the newly registered company name of "Sonae Novobord". The geographical situation of the plants will allow the group to supply into the Cape region on a more competitive basis, reducing the previous maximum distance to customer from 1 700 km to 600 km's. The previous capacity of the Tafibra factory was 120 000 m³ per annum, this has increased to a combined 325 000 m³ of chipboard. Employee numbers will increase by 367 to a combined 504 employees.
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    Saturday, 8 July 2000
    Duke of Edinburgh opens the "Challenger"
    A site visit and plaque unveiling by HRH (Honourable Royal Highness) Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh marked the official opening of the chipboard manufacturing Sonae factory at Knowsley,Merseyside on the 7th July 2000. The Duke toured the £70 million factory, known as "Challenger" along with the President of the Sonae Group - Belmiro de Azevedo, Managing Director of the Knowsley plant Manuel Pombo and local dignitaries including the Portuguese and British Ambassadors and the Portuguese Secretary of State for Industry. The tour included the factory's vehicle unloading facilities, storage silos, control room, laboratory, chipboard and melamine presses, sander and cut-to-size area. Prince Philip also received a multi-media presentation about the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and unveiled a plaque in front of more than 200 guests from the UK and around the world. Announcements were also made of Sonae UK's FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation and the award of ISO 9002 to the company. The factory, employs over 200 people and is the most advanced facility of its type in the UK. Challenger forms part of the Sonae Group globalisation programme including new investments in the strategic market areas of North America, South America,Africa and Europe.
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    Tuesday, 20 June 2000
    TAFISA CANADA Launches 2nd particleboard line
    On 15 June this year, Tafisa Canada officially launched its 2nd particleboard production line. This represents an investment of 180 million Canadian dollars, making it the largest enterprise in this sector in the world, with a predicted annual output capacity of 1 million cubic metres. Belmiro de Azevedo took part in the celebrations, which were attended by the Vice Prime Minister of Québec, Bernard Landry, Quebec's Minister of Labour and Employment, Diane Lemieux, and by Portugal's Secretary of State for Industry and Energy, Vitor Manuel da Silva Santos. Several of Sonae Indústria's directors, customers and suppliers were also at the ceremony, as well as many people who had been directly and indirectly involved in the expansion project, which meant that, altogether, around 500 guests were present. It was observed that this investment had brought prosperity to the region, and that 202 jobs had been created in the last 10 years. Quebec's opening up to foreign investment was also noted, and the good, co-operative nature of relations remarked upon. Tafisa Canada now holds 10% of the North American market. Belmiro de Azevedo again drew attention to the importance of this project in establishing Sonae Indústria in North America, with its modernity and productive capacity showing that Tafisa Canada is "one of the most important factories in the world in its sector".
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    Thursday, 15 June 2000
    Tafisa Canada invested CAN$180 million to quadruple production at its Lac-Mégantic mill
    This Investment promises a brilliant future for the mill Lac-Mégantic, June 15, 2000 - Tafisa Canada today officially inaugurated a second particleboard production line at the Company's Lac-Mégantic mill, a project that required an investment of CAN$180 million. The project was even larger than initially announced by the Company in 1997, because in the end the mill's annual production capacity will be quadrupled, not tripled as originally planned. The mill's current annual capacity of 270,000 m3 will be increased to 1,000,000 m3 rather than 750,000 m3. That represents 10% of particleboard consumption in North America. One of the primary spinoffs from the Lac-Mégantic mill's remarkable growth has been in the area of job creation. In less than 10 years, the number of employees has risen from 60 to 262, an increase of practically 440%. The ongoing improvements to the Lac-Mégantic mill have made it "one of the largest mills of its kind worldwide", according to Belmiro de Azevedo, Chairman of the Board of the Sonae Group and major shareholder of Tafisa Canada's parent company. Tafisa Canada's President and Chief Executive Officer, Claude R. Livernoche, welcomed the Company's new position on the North American market. The expansion will allow the Company to serve the biggest particleboard users in North America. According to Mr. Livernoche, the inauguration of the second particleboard line "confirms the resounding success of a team whose hallmarks have been competence and quality. (…) Tafisa Canada would not be where it is today if it had been able to rely on its dynamic, professional and committed workforce (…) a high quality workforce, which is the envy of many companies worldwide." During the ceremony attended by Mr. Bernard Landry Quebec's Deputy Premier and Minister of State for the Economy and Finance and prof. Vitor Manuel da Silva santos, State Secretary of industry and Energy, representative of Prime Minister of Portugal, Mr. Livernoche noted the collaboration from the Company's financial partners, namely Panomeg and Investissement-Québec, who have supported Tafisa Canada's expansion projects from the beginning. Jointly owned by Euromégantic inc., Panomeg inc. (a group of investors from the Lac-Mágantic region) and Investissement-Québec, Tafisa Canada is a subsidiary of Tafisa SA, a Spanish company that operates mills in a number of countries and is world renown for its expertise manufacturing panels and melamine. Tafisa SA is wholly owned by Sonae Indústria, the leading industrial group in the world in the industrial wood panel sector.
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    Friday, 19 May 2000
    Tafisa Brasil taking part in Fairs in the Sector
    Once again exhibiting in the FIQ (Feira Internacional da Qualidade em Máquinas, Matérias-Primas e Acessórios para a Indústria de Mobiliário [International Fair of Quality Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories]) in Arapongas (Paraná), Tafisa Brasil made its presence felt in what is considered to be one of the most important events in the furniture sector calendar. The FIQ took place between 24 and 29 April, involved over 300 exhibitors and, in commercial terms, about R$ 200 million. There were about 50 thousand visitors from different parts of Brazil, and from abroad, representing the furniture industries (54%), the tools and accessories trade (15%), commercial representatives (12%), services / carpentry sectors (11%). The event was important for the institutional placing of Tafisa, which introduced its new LP (Low Pressure) Coating and FF (Finish Foil) patterns to the board sector. Versions of Mogno Real and Marfim Imperial were included in the re-varnishable Finish Foil collection. With this option, Tafisa is putting on the market a more resistant FF which can be used to make furniture with a high gloss finish. In the Low Pressure (LP) coatings, new wood standards were launched, with special emphasis on the Manzano, Wengue and Maple references. Between 11 and 15 April, Poliface was exhibiting at FEICON (Feira Internacional da Construção [International Construction Fair], in São Paulo. This event has established itself as the biggest event related to the building industry in the Latin American market, with around 10 countries from Europe, Asia and the Americas taking part. FEICON attracts the attention of the most important firms in the Building Industry, as well as Designers and Decorators. Poliface took the opportunity to introduce its new flooring lines to the South American market. About 550 companies occupied an area of 34 000 sq. m to display their products to over 150 000 visitors. One of the Stand's highlights was the demonstration of the water-resistant property of the Traffic Marine flooring, which will also be marketed in Brazil. It was again quite obvious that the innovative nature of Tafisa/Poliface products is well in line with world trends and domestic demand.
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    Wednesday, 10 May 2000
    "Holzbau und Ausbau" Fair Glunz at Friedrichshafen (Bodensee)
    Glunz AG made its presence felt at the Holzbau und Ausbau Fair, which ran from 4 to 7 March 2000 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, with a wide range of attractive products. This Fair sets the standard for all carpenters and other professional woodworkers, in Germany. The highlights of the stand were the following: Modern joinery components, ranging from Agepan DWD boards for roofs and walls, recently successfully introduced on to the market (new: now also available as a 12 mm board, approved by building surveyors) to a huge new programme of double T Agepan supports. A new instruction manual, especially designed for the practical application of DWD Agepan, was available at Holzbau und Ausbau. A range of smooth particleboard was on display, the fruit of close co-operation between Glunz and Isoroy. This is an extremely useful insulation product, from both the biological and design perspective, for use on roofs, walls, façades and floors. Agepan IWP, making its first public appearance, aroused particular interest. It is an MDF-based board for interior walls, which can have decorative paper directly applied to it. It should be on the market in October this year. An important supplier to the building industry such as Glunz naturally cannot ignore the Internet and other modern means of communication. Visitors to the Holzbau und Ausbau Fair were able to try out the 'Virtual Product Catalogue' for the first time, and this will be available shortly. The full range of the Company's products has been put on to a CD-ROM, a copy of which can be obtained for DM 13, payable by cheque.
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    Monday, 10 April 2000
    Portuguese President visits SONAE
    On 4 April this year, SONAE (Maia) received a visit from the President of Portugal and a party composed of many members of the Government and Civil Service, including the Secretary of State for Rural Development, Victor Barros, who is responsible for the country's forestry policy and its implementation. The visit took place in the sphere of an 'open presidency' on the theme of "Forests", which lasted 4 days and aimed to "contribute to a better understanding" of a sector that the President believes is "frequently overlooked". In the introductory briefing on Sonae Indústria, Belmiro de Azevedo once again referred to his bewilderment at the "inaction and stagnation" on the part of the Government in relation to the forestry sector. The Chairman of the Group took the opportunity provided by this presidential visit to reinforce his position with respect to the role that the private sector has been playing, and must continue to play, concerning the responsibility for the forestry sector, which is so important to the socio-economic life of our country. The Portuguese President's visit to SONAE, in Maia, ended with a visit to the site's production plant.
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    Thursday, 2 March 2000
    Preparations for Nettgau factory reach the final stage
    Glunz AG is setting up a new modern production location at Nettgau / Saxony-Anhalt. Meanwhile, the project has reached an advanced planning and preparation stage. A factory comprising three production lines -one each for particleboard, OSB and MDF - will be built in a newly created industrial park near the village of Nettgau, situated at the border between the federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. In the first construction stage, starting in the first quarter of this year, the particleboard and OSB plants will be installed. An MDF line will follow later. Investments for the first construction stage alone will amount to approximately 400 million DM. Glunz will create about 400 jobs in this lowly industrialized region. More are to follow once the second construction stage has been completed. In addition, the project will create new jobs with numerous suppliers, mainly in the timber and transportation sectors. For the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the new factory represents a milestone in overcoming the deficiencies of the local economy, which is still suffering from the consequences of the breakdown of socialism. For Glunz AG, the Nettgau factory is the biggest and most important investment in the Company's history. Never before was it possible to plan and build a completely new factory. Now, together with Sonae Indústria, there is the chance to point the way to the future in the urgently required modernisation of the production facilities in Germany.
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    Friday, 25 February 2000
    Aserraderos de Cuéllar, S.A.
    One of the fundamental points of TAFISA's business philosophy has always been no part of the timber is wasted, and this position has been confirmed once again with the building of a sawmill. The goal of Aserraderos de Cuéllar, S.A. project is to build a modern sawmill that has the advanced technology already found in other European and North American sawmills. It will thus be possible to utilize small-diameter timber to produce sawn wood for the packaging manufacturing sector. From the operational point of view, 50% of the wood coming into the sawmill will be turned into wood based products that will be used as raw materials and fuel for the particleboard plant, which is TAFISA's main activity. The planned sawmill will utilize small-diameter timber, which has so far been destined for the fibre and particleboard factory, and give it added value, with obvious social and economic benefits for the central region, where the sawmill will be located. Aserraderos de Cuéllar, S. A. will handle resinous timber and have a capacity of between 75 000 and 80 000 cubic metres of sawn timber per year. It is hoped to set up a second line for thick trunks, to produce quality timber, and also to install secondary manufacturing processes, such as drying, cleaning, laminating and surfacing.
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    Thursday, 10 February 2000
    CASCA - Current modernisation programme
    CASCA, in Oliveira do Hospital, is in the throes of a modernisation project covering raw materials, environmental and production aspects, after which this plant will be in the front rank of high-performance production plants. In respect of the environment, during the last month started in operation a cleaning unit, in which all the contaminating substances that might affect the quality of particleboard will be removed. Such substances include papers, plastics and metals. At the same time, an electrostatic filter capable of treating 450000 Am3/h of atmospheric emissions is being installed, ensuring compliance with European standards. The big change will be at production level, where a ContiRoll line will replace the multi-level lines currently in use. This line is 32m long, with the possibility of expansion, has a maximum width of 2.85m and a nominal production capacity of 390000m3. This highly complex project was started in May 1999 and is being undertaken while the plant is still functioning. Given the extent of the work involved and the implications for safety, a special task force was set up to oversee it. May 2000 is the date forecast for continuous production, just twelve months after it was begun.
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    Saturday, 5 February 2000
    Privatisation of Gescartão
    On the 3rd. February, the Portuguese Council of Ministers approved the purchase of the Portuguese paper company Gescartão by SONAE Indústria and EUROPAC (Papeles y Cartones de Europa), members of the IMOCAPITAL consortium. Sonae Indústria and Europac will pay 9.8 million contos (50 million euros), five times the amount offered by the South African company Mondi, for 65% of Gescartão. Once this has come into effect, Europac will occupy second place in the paper and card sector company rankings for the Iberian Peninsula. The remaining 35% of Gescartão will remain with Portucel for at least the next 3 years.
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    Monday, 17 January 2000
    Sonae Tafibra UK
    On the afternoon of Monday 17th January the Challenger factory at Knowsley UK produced its first boards of chipboard. The quality of the first boards is excellent and has ensured that the plant will quickly come up to full production of all product types. MFC production at Knowsley has now started in earnest and it is expected that the first deliveries to customers will commence within a few days. Other exciting projects for the Challenger plant over the next 2 years include the start of a Cut To Size service, a Third Melamine Line, Laminated Flooring and a continuous MDF line - look out for further reports!